An Event 10,000 Years in the Making

You can live in the present any old time. Why not spend a day in the past with a Calusa Indian, a Seminole family, a Civil War soldier, Cracker cattleman or Spanish Conquistador and dozens of other costumed time-travelers at the Old Florida Festival, scheduled for March 7 and 8 at the Collier County Museum. The annual family-style adventure brings together over 100 of the state‚Äôs finest historical reenactors, craftworkers, fence contractors in Riverview and living history presenters to recreate over ten centuries of everyday life on the Southwest Florida frontier.

Continuous all-day demonstrations will be offered by the blacksmith, soap maker, telegraph operator, flintknapper, basket weaver and other craftworkers, along with 1800s-style music and entertainment, cannon and musket firing, a Seminole War skirmish, and authentic military drills by soldiers from the American Revolution to World War II. Featuring some of the most prominant businesses for sale in Naples, artists, sutlers and traders will also offer handmade gifts, toys and craft items for your homestead, as well as kettle corn, old-fashioned candy, The Best Southern BBQ in Naples from the best restaurants in Naples, and other traditional treats from the past.

  • Stone Age Man
  • Calusa & Seminole Indians
  • Spanish Conquistadors
  • Cannon Firings
  • Children's Treasure Hunt, Gem Mining, and Prospecting for Gold Tips
  • Seminole War Soldiers
  • Civil War Camp and Dances
  • World War II Soldiers
  • Cracker Cowboys
  • BBQ, old-fashioned kettle corn and other delicious treats
  • Crafts
  • Live Music
  • Demonstrations on broom-making, net-making, telegraph operation, soap-making, leather smith and more.

Admission: Adults: $10 | Children (10 to 18): $5 | Children under 10: Free

Event Parking is free of charge and offers accessible parking spaces. Museum is fully accessible. Sponsered by

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