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Latest Trends And Updates Of Boom Beach Game


You may come across various updates in the game along with new stuff, visual effects, and improvements in the interface including balance changes. All these updates help you to play the game effectively. You also get some optional updates like extra builders that allow you to build more than one building at the same time and you can get a monthly subscription for it. Knowing about all the updates is better so that you may have more options in controlling the troops, building your defensive strategy and also manage your resources. Managing resources and generating it as per your wish is easy with the help of boom beach hack which is only available online at some genuine places.

The Hot Pot     

It is the newest stuff in the Boom Beach game which is a devastating flamethrower which is hidden and is available as a prototype weapon. There are also other ones available along with other redesigned features.

  • You can get a grappler which is a tricky device which drags the troops across the military base and is another prototype weapon.
  • The Doom cannon and the laser beams are improved to make more damage to the enemy soldiers.
  • There is also improved feature with more information in the inbox along with match making improvements and a back button added to the task forces.

Some Other Features 

There are also some other useful and beneficial features that may help you to play Boom Beach game as effectively as any other combat game, if not even better.

  • The cost of the weapon lab has been decreased by considerable extent across all levels.
  • There have been some improvements and fixes made in the existing features like the critters can now trigger mines properly when deployed.
  • There are also new upgrades and improvements made in the abilities and features of the gunboat and for the troops as well.

Friendly Battles And Troop Load Outs 

There have also been some significant updates and improvements brought in the latest of Boom Beach game when it comes to friendly battle and the load out of the troops.

  • The new troops are called ‘The Cryoneer’ and they shoot out a beam to freeze the enemy soldiers to slow them down.
  • You can challenge the task force by friendly battles and you can now give them a chance to attack your base as this would not cost any troops.
  • The troop load out allows you to save favorite troop combinations so that you can switch between easily.

Operation And Reward

The operation and reward of the Boom Beach game has become more simplified and can be easily followed with a little bit of care and knowledge. The supply chest would let you have a crystal, shard or a fragment as a reward with a cool down time of the chest lasting for about twenty hours. Your rank icon would be show on the map along with event dialogs; a short delay after your troop dies so that you can use the gunboat ability, base notes for all players’ bases, named base layout, replay with pause and play at half speed feature, chat improvements and much more have been added to make the gaming experience much better than before.…